January 18, 2019

Always Living And Forever Learning: A Motto To Live By

Always Living And Forever Learning: A Motto To Live By
"Always Living and Forever Leaning" which means "live to your highest potential and choose to embrace the learning curves of life, and watch your lessons learned become your greatest accomplishments". That is the motto behind this blog, my personal mantra and everything I do in life...
As I sit here and write this, I can't help but reflect on all of the lovely things I have learned in the past year. Aside from truly finding my career purpose, I can honestly say I have a better understanding of who I am and what I truly want out of my life. I know this may not seem like a big deal but some people figure this out very late in life while I am very blessed to be sure about it at 28. I won't say that doesn't mean that I won't change my mind at 50 but what I am sure about is the NOW and I have never been happier about it! One thing I have learned is that life is ever changing and if you don't catch the wave then you will surely be left behind! I don't know about anyone else but 2019 is NOT the year to get left in the dust! I want to flourish, live my best life, and enjoy the smaller moments in life. Here are five simple things I want to embrace during the New Year and beyond.
New Year, New Me, New Life
  • I want to get rest when I know my body actually needs it. No more overworking, stressing, or even taking too much time from myself to complete things. I have set deadlines and times that I plan to abide by so that I can get all of the rest that I can. I don't know about anyone else but #teamnosleep is unhealthy and I'm not trying to look like 2019 has snatched my wig before it has even started! Ha!
  • I want to spend less money. Let me explain. I don't want to waste so much money eating out that I'm not spending money on things I'll actually need. For every Chick-Fil-A meal that I buy, that same amount of money could go towards a new outfit, jewelry or even lipstick. Think about that! It's life-changing.
  • I want to explore the world around me a little more. I am a person that bounces around by nature but this year I have new places that I'd like to mark off of my list. Travel doesn't have to be expensive but there are ways to make it more affordable. 
  • I want to watch less Netflix/Hulu and use my time more wisely. As you all may know, I am applying to Graduate school and I have to do a massive amount of studying. I want to take my time to focus and actually make sure that I am retaining the information instead of always studying with the television on in the background.
  • I want to read my bible more. I have the bible app on my phone yet it is the most unused app to date. I need to do better and I plan to make that my mission this year.
These are just a few small things that I am trying to take account into my life during the New Year. I want to start small so that I am not overwhelmed with a bunch of things to check off of my list. Like I said before, I want a stress free lifestyle this year and I plan on making that happen by any means necessary! Anyways, that's pretty much it for now. It's Friday and I plan to have an amazing weekend! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Also, did you make any small goals for the New Year? Let me know!
Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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