January 03, 2019

Cute Tea Mugs That I Am Loving This Winter

Cute Tea Mugs That I Am Loving This Winter
I have been obsessed with coffee pretty much since my high school days. It wasn't until I decided that it was time to give up on my coffee drinking antics is when I decided to fall in love with a goood cup of tea!
It was then that I noticed that I really needed a few mugs designated for tea drinking only. You see, my previous coffee mugs were so deep that every time I went to fill it up with water the tea would taste nasty and watered down. That is when someone told me that my water to cup ratio was completely off and that I really needed to invest in tinier cups for my new tea obsession. That was all the ammunition I needed to take a little shopping trip to the stores to find a new set of mugs to have! One of the first mugs that I was able to fall in love with is the fox mug that I found at Burlington! As soon as I saw this little fox cup I could not help but purchase it right off of the shelf! It has the perfect cozy vibe everytime that I have a nice cup of tea out of it! It is definitely my go-to mug of the season and I am so glad I bought it!
Cute Tea Mugs That I Am Loving This Winter
These next set of mugs are my favorite too and I have a special place in my heart for each one of them!
More Mug Favorites
Owl Mug: I purchased this one from a little market in town a few months back and it was never big enough to hold all of my coffee so I instantly added this one to my tea/apple cider category. I also love the designs on this little mug and I am happy to report that it was the last one on the shelf! I think that was a sign that the little owl cup was just for me! Ha!
Pig Mug: This little cup was actually a gift for me for my birthday and I have been in love ever since!
Cow Mug: Actually this was a random purchase from Walmart and I couldn't have been happier about an impulse purchase like I am with the cow cup. Initially, my family thought it was pretty ugly but it eventually grew on them once they noticed I wasn't going to get rid of her so easily! Ha!
Cute Tea Mugs That I Am Loving This Winter
And last but not least there's this little beauty that I purchased at a local coffee shop that sold little coffee mugs as well! I couldn't help but notice the little phrase Be Happy on the front of it and I was completely sold on the fact that I needed this cat mug in my life. Of course, I may use this little mug for all the things but I can't help myself because it just makes me so happy everytime that I look at it! PS: does anyone else have a strange addiction to coffee/tea mugs? I know I do and it's definitely something I can honestly say is a passive hobby of mines! Anyways, that's all for now! See ya around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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