January 19, 2019

Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories

Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories
Happy Diaries: The Sweetest Weekend Ever
Happy Saturday everyone! It's the weekend and I am super happy about it! Can anyone else believe that it is already the 3rd weekend of January?? I know, me either! The year is already flying by faster than I can handle but that's fine because that means I can document all of the things that are making me super happy at the moment! I know I've been rambling a lot so without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?!
Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories
  • The first thing that made me happy this week is that I have been able to shop for a few treats at the market. I am a huge sugar mouth and I am the happiest when I have something sweet and tasty around me. I decided to pick up a few honey sticks and sour bombs to have in my purse for when I have the urge to feed the sugar plant that's inside of me.
  • I found the cutest pair of slippers for only $5 and I am obsessed with them! I have been wearing them nonstop and the one thing I regret is not buying more than one pair.
  • I also found a cute pair of earrings on sale that was only $2.97 and they are so cute! One is shaped like a bow and the other is in the shape of an arrow and I plan to wear them for the first time this weekend.
Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories
  • My mama made homemade fish and shrimp and it was soooo amazing! You guys know I love my seafood and I can eat it every single day if I had the chance. Yummy!
  • I watched this new movie on Netflix called I Don't Know How She Does It and it was the best thing I have watched all year. If you're into the whole "balancing motherhood, marriage and career" theme then this movie is definitely for you! I laughed, judged, cried and everything all in one. It was totally worth the Friday night binge.
  • I was going through my hard drive and I found a few photos from last winter and it just made me so happy. I love looking back at old memories because it reminds me of how far we have all come and all of the fun moments that we have had together.
Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories
  • This weekend my mama made the best homemade fudge a girl could ask for! The ingredients included dark chocolate, pecans, coconut, and roasted marshmallows and it was AMAZING!
  • I finally cleaned/decluttered my closet and I feel so much better about it. I can't stand when I have too much stuff and I feel so much better now that I have packed all of the things I don't use anymore and donated it back to the Goodwill.
  • I was finally able to finish reading my favorite book by Nicholas Sparks and I can't wait to get started on the latest one! I love everything he writes and he is my absolute favorite author in the entire world.
  • OH, and let's not forget that International Delight has rolled out the yummiest coffee creamer called "Peeps" "Sweet Marshmallow" and when I tell you that it is the best thing I have tasted in the whole entire world! As soon as that coffee touched my lips I knew I was in love! I wish it wasn't limited edition because I would love to have that in my kitchen year round!
Happy Diaries: Weekend Sweets and Treats + Winter Memories
Now I know that the majority of things that made me happy this week was comprised of food and snacks but I cannot help myself! There is something about a good snack that just makes me super happy! Ha! Maybe I'm easy to please but I guess that isn't always a bad thing! As I was looking back at my little list I must say that for me it will always be about the simple things in life. There doesn't always have to be some big commotion happening for me to appreciate the little moments around me. Honestly, with all that is going on in this world,  I want to always make sure that I am keeping myself in check by reminding myself that there are people in this world that are really struggling and I should continue to always feel grateful for where I am at in my life. Anyways, enough about me, what were some things that have made you happy this week?

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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