Happy Diaries: Pizza Night + Incredibles 2 + New Hair Do!

Happy Diaries: Pizza Night + Incredibles 2 + New Hair Do!
Happy Diaries
A collective list of things, moments and happenings that have made me very happy this past week.
  • Incredibles 2 finally landed on Netflix and I have already watched it twice! I have waited for 20 years for this movie and I can honestly say it was totally worth it. I may have found a new favorite to always play besides The Grinch!
  • My sisters and I made homemade pizza again this week and it was delicious! I love homemade pizza so much better than regular pizza because I can make it just how I want it.
  • I have been loving my new Mac makeup that I purchased last week and must say that this one is a keeper. I love that it gives me full coverage and I don't have to complete so many steps to have full coverage. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • I have been drinking more water than usual and I really feel like my skin is thanking me for it!
  • I have decided to grow out my bangs and I feel like it is going really well. I tried to grow out my hair once before and it just wasn't working for me so now I am going to stick to creating a small set of bangs! I have had them before and will be glad to try them out again.
Happy Diaries: Pizza Night + Incredibles 2 + New Hair Do!
  • I finally found a cute piece that looks pretty on the wall above my bed. It is the cutest iron rod compass and it just fits the space in my room perfectly.
  • I also found the cutest set of pajamas that have a little coffee mug on the front! And the best part is that it was on sale for only $6! What a steal!
  • I purchased a handful of the candy called Bit-O-Honey and they were so amazing! I used to eat them so much as a kid and was quite surprised to have found them around the city! You better believe I purchased a full bags worth and only spent $2!
  • I purchased a new lavender bath bomb and I am completely obsessed with it. I normally don't like to add things to my bath water but this one was from the Farmer's Market and organic so I decided to give it a little try. I was afraid that it would bother my skin but it actually made it feel very smooth and supple! 
  • This past Wednesday I was able to get a 3-hour nap and when I tell you it was amazing....it was definitely the highlight of my week and probably should have been #1 on my list! Ha!
Happy Diaries: Pizza Night + Incredibles 2 + New Hair Do!
Well, that's a small list of things that have made me happy this week. As usual, you know that I love to focus on all of the moments that have brought me joy this week. It's never anything extravagant but it is a friendly reminder to be grateful no matter what is going on in life. Anyways, is there anything that has made you happy this week? Let me know below!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. You guys had the best Pizza night. Love your happy Diaries:)
    xo tangie

  2. I sure did! We love our pizza night!