February 05, 2019

OOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?

OOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?
I heard via the internets that spring may be coming sooner than we think...
If this is true, I am beyond happy about it because I am soooo over this gloomy winter weather. I can't wait to be in shorts, eating snow cones, and enjoying the Texas sun! Strangely enough, the weather has been a bit warmer than usual (which isn't out of the ordinary) but it has inspired me to wear warm like clothes for the time being. It has been a perfect 75 degrees out and this girl has been loving it. Today was the first time in forever where I felt like I could rid myself of those boots and knit sweaters! Don't get me wrong, I love a little winter wear but this is the first time in forever where I feel like I need whole lotta sunshine in my life! Ha! Anyways, on the outfit shall we? Let's get to it!
OOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?
I decided to wear me a small little off the shoulder dress! Grant it, I'm not crazy and I am well aware that it isn't full on summer weather yet so I decided to pair it with a nice little jacket that I purchased from Old Navy a few seasons back! I know I have been wearing this jacket a lot lately but it is my absolute favorite and I try to wear it as much as I can before the warmer months start to come around.
OOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?
As per usual, I couldn't help but to show you what this dress looks like with the jacket removed. I love this little dress so much and I must confess that I purchased it from H&M for only $5! #DEALOOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?
This is the perfect spring/summer dress that pairs well with a cute pair of sandals or a pair of tights for the winter time. Either way, it is an item that can be used all year round and I am living for it! Oh, and surely I cannot forget to talk about my favorite pair of sandals! I purchased these baby doll shoes for $7 at Forever21 a few seasons ago and I have been wearing them ever since! They were a total steal and I make sure that I take very good care of them so that I can keep them for a very long time!OOTD: Hello, Spring Is That You?
And that is all I have to say for this look today! I just wanted to pop in and share a little outfit of the day for since it is feeling a bit Springish outside! I cannot wait until we have consistently warm weather so that I can wear all of my summer dressed with pride! Who's with me?

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. Love love your outfit. And yes it is warm here in the big Tex:)
    xo tangie

    1. Thank you! And yeah it is very warm!