May 22, 2019

Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!

Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!
Summer Is That You?
Summer isn't necessarily my favorite time of the year but I do love all of the things that come along with it! SnoCones, Fair Dates, and car rides in the city is what I am looking forward to the most this summer! I seriously can't wait! This summer I plan to live my best life and have fun while doing it!
Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!
Anyways, since I am in the summer mood, I thought I'd share a little summer bucket list with ya'll!
Summer Bucket List 2019
  • Wake up late at least 2 times a week! I say this because I am naturally an early riser but this time I feel like I need to set aside a few days where I just lay in bed and rest for a little while longer watching movies or chatting on my phone! #realityrighthere
  • Eat more of what I want! Yes, you heard me! No holding back when it comes to sugar and pizza! I'm gonna eat it all with no shame!
  • Spend more time with my family! 
  • Read more books! I read a little bit at the beginning of the year but I need to step my game up to this summer! No excuses!
  • Travel more! I have a few places I want to visit and I can't wait to hop on the road and twirl!
  • I want to visit Louisiana more! I feel like I didn't appreciate it when I lived there and now I miss it so much! I love me some Texas but Louisiana has the swag! Ha!
  • Eat more seafood! I know this one is silly BUT I feel like I didn't have it enough this year and I need to make up for lost time!
  • This summer I want to wear less makeup! Y'all know I love my glow but it's gonna be too hot for all that this summer! I'm gonna rock a natural face and be happy about it!
Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!
  • I want to pick up a few new hobbies! It's time to expand my horizons!
  • I also want to dance more! I haven't danced in what feels like forever and I really miss it!
  • I want to spend less time on social media! I'm already sparse when it comes to social use BUT I want to use it even less! Mainly because I want to be more present with myself and friends!
  • Spend more time with God and reading my bible! Ya girl has been lacking and I need to get it together quickly! I'm holding myself accountable this summer by any means necessary!
  • I also want to be a little more carefree when it comes to my personal lifestyle. Sometimes I like to worry a little about things I can't control and I have to learn to let it go and live life!
  • And last but not least, I want to just have FUN, FUN and more FUN!
Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!
Summer means different things for a lot of people but this summer my theme is going to be "Fun and Carefree" because I just want to enjoy everyone and everything around me. Grant it, I am still going to be responsible by studying and exploring other options in my career field but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a little fun in the midst of it all! There is so much happening in this world and I honestly feel like I need a mental break! This June marks the "halfway" point in the year and I really want to take advantage of it but I also want to take it slow as well!
Summer Is That You? My Bucket List For Summer 2019!
Anyways, that's all I have to chat about on this lovely Wednesday! Do you guys have any plans for this summer? Let me know in the comments down below! Have a lovely rest of the day! See ya Friday!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. Awesome summer bucket list: I plan to sleep at leat 3 extra days. lol No I am not I gotta work 6 days every day this life of a hairstylist....:)

    1. hahhahahh I know thats right! Take all the sleep you need this summer!!!!