June 15, 2019

Happy Diaries: A Little List Of All Of The Things That Made Me Happy This Week!

Happy Diaires: A Little List Of All Of The Things That Made Me Happy This Week!
Happy Diaries: A Little List Of All Of The Things That Made Me Happy This Week!
Oh, what a week it has been! I am excited to share a few things with you guys today so let's dive in!
  • I was able to go on a little coffee date with my mama and it was full of laughter and gossip!!
  • I finally cleared out my closet because ya girl looks like she was about to audition for the next episode of hoarders! Ha!
  • I have been back reading my daily devotions a few times a week and I am enjoying the gentle reminder to be nicer to myself every once in a while.
  • Even though I lost my sunglasses on the train earlier this week, I am much happier with the new pair that I purchased recently.
  • There was a little sale going on in Kroger that gives you a deal of $1.49 on a 32oz. of International Delight Creamer and I couldn't have been happier about it.
  • The weather has been strange here lately with slight moments of coolness throughout the day and that has made me whip out my denim jacket a few times this week and I've been loving it!
  • Lately, I have been obsessed with my Oikos Strawberry yogurt! I swear I have been eating on a day because it tastes that good!
  • I purchased a new pair of leopard earrings and I cannot wait to start rocking them this soon!
  • I got my hair trimmed and cut a few days ago and I feel like a brand new person. I am going to give up on trying to grow out bangs because clearly I am not committed! Ha!
  • I purchased a new bottle of cookie butter and I cannot wait to tear open the bottle! I just love it so much because it tastes good on literally everything!
  • I made the best pot of Rotel this weekend and it was soooo amazing!
    I was also able to find my Dove Bourbon and Vanilla chocolate bar in Walmart and it has literally been worth every single late night bite! Ha!
And that's just a small little list of all of the things that have made me happy this week! I cannot believe that were are halfway through the year with this series and I have been able to come up with a few things that bring me joy every week. I can honestly say that this has been harder than I expected because sometimes I feel as though I didn't have anything to feel joyous about when that was not true at all. There is ALWAYS something to feel good about in life no matter how small it is! I am a firm believer in the fact that you DO NOT have to have it all to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Life is about so much more than what we have and once we start to embrace that, life will become so much easier for us. Anyways, I think that about wraps up this week's Happy Diaries! I'll see you guys on Monday!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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