July 01, 2019

Happy Diaries: Summer Days Are Here, Finally Overcoming These Migraines, And Relaxing In The City!

Happy Diaries: Summer Days Are Here, Finally Overcoming These Migraines, And Relaxing In The City!
Happy Diaries: Summer Days Are Here, Finally Overcoming Migraines + Relaxing In The City!
Hello and Happy Monday everyone! I don't know about you guys but I am actually shocked that today is the first day of July! Like where is the time going? I really need this year to slow down because I am still trying to finish my goals for 2019! For a split second I almost felt a bit overwhelmed with the year going by so fast but what's the point in that? There is no reason for me to walk around the city upset about something that I clearly cannot control! With that being said, I have decided to be a little bit more lenient on my goals for the rest of the year since I don't have any say when it comes to the hands of time. With that being said, the one thing I know I CAN control is my happiness and I want to share of few of those moments with you guys today on the blog! So let's grab a warm cup of coffee and enjoy!
Happy Diaries: Summer Days Are Here, Finally Overcoming These Migraines, And Relaxing In The City!
A List Of Things That Made Me Happy This Week
  • First of all, one word! Buc-ee's! If you saw my previous post then you already know why that place made the top of the list this week! There was so much food, fun, and happiness that I could NOT contain myself! I am definitely going back whenever I get the chance to!
  • I kept seeing the word "happy" everywhere that I went! I don't know what that means but I fully accept any type of happiness into my life! Ha!
  • They added Carmen: A Hip Hopera to Netflix recently and I cannot stop watching it (and laughing as well)! It was giving me late '90's early '00's vibes and I was absolutely loving it!
  • I rewatched Twilight again and I do not regret it one bit!
  • I made my favorite lazy food Rotel and it tasted soooo amazing! Yummy! I don't know why I make this meal literally every Sunday but it is definitely my go-to favorite at the moment.
  • I purchased a few new dresses from CottonOn for only $5 and it was a total steal!
  • I was finally able to figure out why I have been having those awful migraines! I looked in my cabinet and realized that I had been consuming caffeinated coffee and that's what made me realize that is what was triggering those awful headaches. You don't even know how happy I was when I realized that there wasn't anything wrong with me but it was the fact that I was just having bad reactions to the coffee! I have since laid off a bit and my headaches are gone!
  • Even though it has been super hot, I have been loving the fact that summer days are here!
  • I recently took a little train ride throughout the city and I absolutely loved it. There is nothing like spending the day getting to know the people around you and beyond!
  • And last but not least, I am very happy to be alive. There are so many days that pass by and people either don't make it or decide that they don't want to here anymore. I am very grateful that God has protected me and kept my mind sane from all the things that are happening in this world.
I know that sometimes life may be harder than what we anticipated but I truly believe that we can all make it through. That is why it's VERY important to try to focus on the good and not the bad on a daily basis! The more you practice thinking about good things, the more happy moments you will attract. I know I am not perfect at this method but I can honestly say that it helps me find moments of peace when the world is stressing me out! Anyways, I think that is all for today! What do you guys do when you're not feeling your best? What do you do that brings instant joy back into your life? Let me know in the comments down below and have an AMAZIIINNNNNG Monday!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin