September 20, 2019

Happy Diaries: The Weekend We All Need, Starting Over, Taking A Break, And TGIF!

Happy Diaries: The Weekend We All Need, Starting Over, Taking A Break, And TGIF!
Happy Diaries: The Weekend We All Need, Starting Over, Taking A Break, And TGIF!
Hello and Happy Friday yall! I get so excited when the weekend comes because that means I have a little bit more freedom to do what I wanna do! Even though I don't have any grand plans this weekend, I think that's is what the beauty of it all is! Sometimes in life, you just need to stop making plans and live life at the moment! I don't know about you guys but ya girl really feels like I have my head in waaay too many places at once! I honestly feel like I need a break but when you're an adult, you kinda can't get a break! You kinda just have to do it and see if life will just work itself out! I just made the decision to scale back on a few things and put my focus on more important things for the latter part of the year! Either way, it goes, life can get trippy sometimes but I am DETERMINED to live the HAPPIEST life that I know how! I am in control of my own joy and the moment you let other people control that for you then you are absolutely messed up! Thankfully, I am one who knows how to organize my thoughts and keep the negative ones at bay. If you haven't mastered this yet then I would encourage you to try it because I swear it will make life so much easier and happier for you! Do you guys know that saying Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, I believe that Happiness is in the heart of the beholder and only YOU can choose the things that people that will bring happiness into your life! With that being said, let's get into all of the things that have brought me joy this week!
Happy Diaries
  • I don't know why but I have been buying raviolis at least three times a week and really enjoying them! I used to love them so much as a kid and just truly forgot how good they are!
  • I have been enjoying some amazing coffee the last few days and it has totally put ya girl into the Fall mood! I normally like to get it early in the morning because that's when it's the coolest, and it has made my morning commute that much better!
  • I got two new scarves this past week and I cannot wait to start wearing them. Grant it, scarves will not make an appearance until about winter BUT that doesn't mean I can't start dreaming up the outfit inspirations a little early!
Happy Diaries: The Weekend We All Need, Starting Over, Taking A Break, And TGIF!
  • I finally cleared out the last of the things I didn't want out of my closet! Yeah, it may look a little empty BUT I am more than happy to say that the decluttering was desperately needed!
  • I have a new brown lipstick that I CANNOT wait to try! Grant it, I almost always stay within the same color scheme when it comes to lip colors but my favorite season is upon us and ya girl has to be ready to rock all of those beautiful fall colors that everyone loves!
  • Did I also mention how glad I am that it is Friday!
  • I was able to FINALLY get one day of sleep and my body loves me for it!
  • Yall! The movie She's All That is on Hulu and I watched it for the first time in my life and no wonder it's a '90s classic! The movie had Freddie Prinze Jr, Lil Kim, Usher and sooo many other young faced famous people! Not to mention it was super fun and gave me all of those '90s vibes that the world needs to go back to! If you haven't seen it but heard of it I would recommend giving it a go! It was def a great way for me to end the workweek for sure!
Anyways, that's all I had to chat about today! I'm signing off for now and I'll see you around! PS: Don't forget to have an amazing weekend and to take care of yourselves today! Happy Friday!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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  1. Yesssssssssssss! Thank TGIF! I am excited and I want those scarves to be revealed right now!

    Can't wait till winter:) #happydiaries

    xo Tangie