September 28, 2019

The Weekend Is Here And This Girl Is Ready To Fly Into The Weekend And Have FUN!

The Weekend Is Here And This Girl Is Ready To Fly Into The Weekend And Have FUN!
The Weekend Is Here And This Girl Is Ready To Fly Into The Weekend And Have FUN!
Woooohooo it's Saturday yall and I couldn't be more excited about it! I am not one to rush the end of the month but I will be so happy when September zips on by us! Growing up, I never understood that song Wake Me Up When September Ends but now I think it's finally starting to make a little bit of sense! I mean hear me out, this month has been unbearably hot, everyone wants to wear scarves, and we all know that October is the best month around so let's just go ahead and end this month right so that we can finally get it popping, shall we? Ha! Anyways, enough kidding around, I am just hoping onto the blog to let you guys know that ya girl is going to enjoy this weekend for everything that it's worth! For some strange reason I have been more tired than usual and I think it may just be a case of the end of the year snoozefest! You know that weird thing that happened right before daylight savings kicks in and you're so confused about time and the days seem longer than usual and ugghhhhhh.... you get the picture right! That's pretty much how I have been feeling this week! But all of that is going to be cured because I am about to enter total self-care mode to the fullest! And I'm not talking about that fake take a bubble bath self-care, I am talking about the REAL DEAL stuff that real adults love to indulge in!

However, I don't plan on getting too crazy because I do have a bunch of responsibilities that I have to get back to but I will do just enough to make the weekend feel longer and more amazing! The one thing I want to truly do this weekend is finally to finish my favorite Nicholas Sparks book! I don't know what he deals is but making time for reading has been a little challenging lately and I am not too sure why! That is why this weekend I want to really expand my horizons and get back to the basics of reading a simple book and escaping reality for a bit! I am not gonna lie, if I am going to do one cliche thing this weekend it will DEF be this! Sometimes we have to go back to the things that made us happy when we were younger in order to really appreciate everything that we have now! I made a tiny vow that I am not going to let my weekend go to waste so fingers crossed that I can keep my own promises this time!
The Weekend Is Here And This Girl Is Ready To Fly Into The Weekend And Have FUN!
In Other News
  • I am stiiiiilllllll watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix because I am the slowest tv show watches in the entire universe! #dontjudgeme
  • It's that time of year where I want to change my hair again but I don't know what! I am sick of the short hair and I feel like I need a change of pace!
  • My mama made me a new pair of earrings and I am totally obsessed with them! 
  • This little dress that I am wearing is thrifted and I really love it!
  • I had one last Lavender snow cone of the season and I am already missing summer 2019 like never before! #icantmakeupmymind
Anyways, that's all of the little updates that I have for you guys on this lovely Saturday! I am about to leave my computer in the dust and head out for the remainder of my time! Have a great weekend yall!!!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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  1. Girl, you didn’t tell not one lie lol especially when it comes down to this boiling hot weather! I’m making sure I stay cool that’s for sure