April 03, 2020

A Short Poem By Me (Five Simple Notes)

A Short Poem By Me (Five Simple Notes)
A Short Poem By Me (Five Simple Notes)
My thoughts have been pretty much everywhere but today I seem to be on a small path of positivity!
  • First things first, I will never ever take anything in life for granted EVER again. period. the end.
  • I miss the smell of flowers and the trees and who woulda thought that would be what I missed most about life at the moment. It looks like I have a brand new perspective on life am I right?
  • The simplest thing I have been enjoying every single morning is my coffee, yes, my good coffee.
  • I don't really think I can declutter anything else, not my room, closet, emails, NOT nothing!
  • Is 3:00am the new 12:00am? Because my sleep pattern has been waaaaaaay waaaay off and I feel like I am in a constant time loop that never ends. However, I will say it has been nice catching up on a few movies and shows that I have always wanted to watch!
I honestly don't know what the point of documenting this BUT what I will say is this is my form of journaling and that's kinda what I wanted to chirp about today. Yall life is WILD right now but I am finding ways to keep busy, stay occupied and eat lots of food that I love. Anyways, that's all that's on my brain at the moment and of course, I will check back soon! See ya around! PS: I have a brand new video up on the channel right now if you would like something to watch at this time of night! Bye!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. Hey Carey..loved this post. I must admit we all can relate right now. But its nice to read something calming on the blogs. Just saw your video..loved it!

    xo Tangie