April 24, 2020

I Aint Trying To Be Productive I Am Just Trying To Be Sane

I Aint Trying To Be Productive I Am Just Trying To Be Sane
I Aint Trying To Be Productive I Am Just Trying To Be Sane
Hey you guys! Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today I thought I would sit over on the blog today and have a little chat about a few things that are floating over in my brain today! I'm just gonna go ahead and start this post by saying I have NOT had my life together and that's ok! I swear it feels like I fell asleep on Sunday and woke up today! Ha! But at the end of the day, I think I was exhausted and ya girl just needed a nap and it turned into a three-year nap fest that probably needed to happen anyway! At the end of the day, there isn't really anything going on and that's why I am feeling really good about catching up on a little bit of my personal life other things that I never had the time of day to TRULY get accomplished!

Life just seems so unpredictable at the moment and I know that's normal BUT  I don't think anyone in the world expected all of this to be happening so fast! But in all honesty, it feels like we have a long road ahead of us and I am just ready to embrace the new normal! Grant it, it may be hard to do all of the things I used to do but it's time to try and get to a NEW way of life for the time being! I think most people want to get back to "life as we know it" but I just don't think things will ever be the same after this. I honestly feel like that is the whole point of evolving because it forces you to adjust to life's changes even when you don't necessarily want to! However, I think everyone is finally starting to realize that life has changed, some of us for the better and some of us for the worse but we have to keep going no matter what the outcome may be!
I Aint Trying To Be Productive I Am Just Trying To Be Sane
Thankfully I have been able to stay sane by watching movies, catching up on Boy Meets World, and of course, eating all of the good snacks. I do realize that the entire sentence in itself is something to cherish and I am super grateful for that! I have also been gearing up to make some changes in the way I operate in other areas of my life. If this time hasn't shown me anything it's that I am going to be doing what makes me happy by any means necessary. Not that I wasn't doing that before it's just I have a bit more initiative to keep it up than I did previously! Other than getting a clearer version of myself, I have basically just been living life from the inside of my walls and I am ok with that! I always tell people that if "boredom" is your biggest problem at the moment then you should DEF count your blessings because you are more privileged than you think! I mean hellllo look at everything that is happening around us! Need I say more!? I'm guessing that I don't but you just never know with people sometimes! Anyways.....
I Aint Trying To Be Productive I Am Just Trying To Be Sane
That's all I wanted t chat about today on the blog! Nothing else is truly swirling on my mind but that! What have you guys been doing to stay afloat? Let me know in the comments down below! See ya around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. Yes life is at a stand still. But I've just been catching up with friends and house work. I think I may be getting used to being home for now:)

    xo Tangie