April 29, 2020

Restyle My Life: Dont Say It Until You Can Play It!

Restyle My Life: Dont Say It Until You Can Play It!
Restyle My Life: Don't Say It Until You Can Play It!
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! I am just popping around on the blog today to do a little chatting for the day! What have you guys been up to lately!? Well, I know what I have been doing and that's watching copious amounts on Disney+ and eating all of the snacks on site! I'm just tired of eating and watching tv at this point but that's pretty much all I have been up to! However, in the grand scheme of things, I think everything is starting to be on the up and up!

I can honestly say that the last few days have been interesting around my side of town because I have been watching Boy Meets World from beginning to end! I never got to see it growing up as a child and I only caught a few reruns on Disney in my teen years but that's about it! I can honestly say that I have been enjoying the show solo much but things started to get messy around season 5! I am now solo glued to each episode that I can't keep my eyes off the screen! I stayed up till about 4:00am trying to watch as much as I can but I ended up getting super sleepy! The last part that I remembered seeing is the fact that Topanga asked Cory to marry him! Why don't I ever remember that happening before? Its solo unconventional and weird to see that I'm shocked ABC even aired it at that time! I know the network had a little thing about not wanting them to get married and would "damage" it would give to audiences so I instantly thought that would happen with her asking him to get married! But I guess things were becoming a bit more progressive at that time since that season started to air in the 99 and 00's!

Either way, I am super excited to see how it ends! Even though I saw a few episodes here and there I don't think I have ever seen the very last episode of any show! Lizzie McQuire? Not a clue! That's So Raven, Once Upon  A Time? I just have no earthly idea! Ha! It's just crazy but since I have so much time on my hands I can now I should be able to finish anything that I want at this point! Ha! Well, that's all I have to chat about today! What's one show you are obsessed with at the moment? Let me know in the comments down below!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. My favorite has been Martin and Living Single:) Ha! Old school vibes.

    xo Tangie