May 08, 2020

Happy Diaries: Its Time To Let The Good Times Roll!

Happy Diaries: Its Time To Let The Good Times Roll!
Happy Diaries: Its Time To Let The Good Times Roll!
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! It's Friday! YAY! And I thought I would pop over here and share five things that have made me happy this week! Stay safe out here in these streets and enjoy!
Happy Diaries: Its Time To Let The Good Times Roll!
Happy Diaries: A List Of Happy Things and Moments
  1. First things first, ya girl has finally decided to clean my makeup brushes and organize all of those spring colors I want to play with this season! I am normally a gold and shimmer type gal but I want to actually incorporate more colors into my daily makeup! I am always afraid to do it because my wardrobe is normally so vibrant and I am afraid It might clash with my daily outfits! I don't know, but we shall see VERY soon!
  2. At the end of Easter, I always get really sad because that means my favorite creamer is about to leave the stores BUT my dad ALWAYS comes through and brings home extra bottles that will last me a few months into the year! This time I got four extra bottles and let me tell yall something, I am soo happy about it! Ha! As you can see this is the only coffee creamer I'm gonna be drinking for awhile!
  3. Even though I haven't gotten my sleeping pattern under control for a while, I will say that I have received enough sleep to last me for the next three years! Ha! I must say that you won't hear my utter the phrase I'm time soooooon!
  4. I gave myself a little at-home spa day and I feel like a brand new person! Not only have I cleaned and scrubbed my feet BUT I also gave myself a pedicure! Needless to say, my toes are good and ready for the spring and summertime!
  5. I know this may seem mediocre but not only did I give myself a little self-care I also cleaned from under my bed (from all those midnight snack wrappers) but I also washed and dried my covers, sheets, and pillowcases! Yall, I already know I'm gonna have the best sleep in the world tonight! Ha!
Well, that's just a little look at all of the things that have made me happy this week! The list may be small but it's still worth it to me! Life is just too crazy to be walking around unhappy so I like to find those small moments that bring me joy! What's one thing that has made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments down below! See ya around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. so you been midnight let me find out! I'm happy to celebrate Mother's Day This weekend! Ha its all about me this

    xo Tangie

  2. The best moments are the HAPPY moments and all that comes with the others so don't ever forget that! Your blog puts a smile on my face every time.