May 29, 2020

Have A Happy, Happy Weekend

Have A Happy, Happy Weekend
Have A Happy, Happy Weekend
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! Is anyone else glad that it's Friday? I know I am! This week has been unuuuuusaallly long BUT ya girl has made it through! I have decided that I am going to take the weekend for myself and spend time with others, eat good and of course handle some business! I just wanted to pop on here and tell you guys to take care of yourselves and try to unplug for a little while!

I haven't been the best at this because I am always trying to stay up to date with what's going on in the world but I think sometimes it can be truly overwhelming. Sometimes you just gotta know when to take a breather! And that's what I plan on doing this weekend! However, never fret because a BRAND NEW WEEK of blogposts will resume on Monday! Anyways, what're your plans for the weekend!?

I'll tell you what I'm gonna be doing! Eating gumbo, celebrating life, and of course participating in a little bit of thrifting! I am hoping to find some really cute things but if I don't it doesn't really matter because I am just trying to shop around and get some fresh air anyways! The weekends may be waaay simpler than usual now that's ok with me! I am going to take these moments in stride and live life as happily as possible!

So here's to a weekend filled with recharging, resting, and quietness. And here's to a weekend of happiness.

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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