May 27, 2020

When Wednesday Feels Like It Needs A Breather

When Wednesday Feels Like It Needs A Breather
When Wednesday Feels Like It Needs A Breather
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! I don't know about you guys but ya girl is shocked to see Wednesday is even here that fast! Why does it feel like the weeks are flying but life still feels like it's at a massive standstill? I mean....I KNOW why but it doesn't stop the fact that I am truly baffled by it! I remember when life was a little bit normal I used to WISH Wednesdays would hurry up because it meant that I was getting closer and closer to Friday! Back in the olden days (pre-March) I looked forward to the end of the week because it meant time with friends, hangouts at the movies and other activities I'm sure a lot of us took for granted! Now Fridays feel like they have melted into one loooonnnnng Wednesday that's in a constant loop! Grant it, I have been making VERY good use of my time but life used to hit different a few weeks ago! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have my moments when I think about how life has changed too! But like I said in other posts I think it's time to make some movement even if it is small!
When Wednesday Feels Like It Needs A Breather
Small Movement Ideas And Tips
  • At first, I was TOTALLY against this but I swear taking small walks around the area is totally helpful! At the end of the day, things may not be opening up to the speed id like to see it at but at least we're getting somewhere. I don't think it helps to settle in the house and potentially fall into a depressive state. Humans are meant to have natural sunlight so get out there and soak up the sun!
  • A little journaling ain't never hurt nobody! I don't really use the internet to be vulnerable because it's too risky but ya girl does love to jot down a few thoughts for safekeeping! I think it's so important to keep a little journal in real notebook format because it can be therapeutic to lay pen to paper every once in a while. I oftentimes find I have my BEST ideas when I am at my desk, listening to music and writing!
  • Anybody else loves a good book? I swear I can read the same books over and over BUT I can't watch the same movie over and over! Like, what's up with that? Ha! Anyways, there are so many places to get cheap books these days and I genuinely find some of my best reads from the thrift stores! However, if your thrift stores aren't open then your local library most likely has a free archive online that you can use during this time. So if you're feeling kinda overwhelmed then grab a book and get lost in another world for an hour or two! I promise you it's totally worth it!

Grant it I am NO expert in life but what I do know is this.....this too shall pass and when it does, we're gonna be so blessed to have made it through this! Anyways, that's my little moment of inspo for the day! I hope you guys stay positive, happy, and cry when you need to! It's ok to do them all and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! See you guys in this space tomorrow! Oh, but before you go, share one things you have been doing to stay sane during this time? Let me know in the comments down below! Bye!!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. This week I was able to finally have one friend visit. It was so refreshing and relaxing to just laugh and talk.
    xo Tangie