June 17, 2020

I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals OR My LIFE!

I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals OR My LIFE!
I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals
Yall.... 2020 has been a very TRYING time but I just have to say one thing! I am not letting the trials and tribulations of 2020 stop me from planning and accomplishing my goals for the rest of this year! I have been seeing soooo many people say "2020 is canceled" or " I'm gonna start over in 2021" and I'm just looking like giiiirrrrl you crazy! I think people are soooo busy being angry that they are NOT getting anything done in their personal lives and it's making them even angrier! I mean let's face it, the world has been turned upside down with protest, stay at home orders and so much more but when are we going to take control over our lives? When are we going to continue to protest and fight for change AND work on our visions at the same time! When are we going to understand that there is a LIVE virus out there but we still have to work and pay bills? I know I can't speak for the majority of people but I am tired of it! Not just tired as an American but tired as a black person as well!
I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals OR My LIFE!
I know what it's like trying to get something done but every single time you turn around there is ALWAYS something! I know what it's like to constantly have your goals on hold because LIFE keeps happening and you know what? I am tired of it! I am not going to spend another day feeling like the world is crumbling the world is about to fall off its axis! I mean how many of you didn't apply to school this year because you felt like it was hopeless? How many of you didn't apply for jobs because you were afraid of going outside? How many of you stayed in bed for WEEKS consuming media on police brutality and crying about everything that's happening? How much of your life has been delayed! Probably a lot! Now we need to figure out how we're going to cry, protest, and accomplish our goals! Because I am going to be very frank, 2020 looks like it's just going to be on fire alllll year long but that doesn't mean you can't work in your fireproof suit! 
I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals OR My LIFE!
I am ESPECIALLY saying this message to my black brothers and sisters! Don't spend another day trying to explain to nonpeople of color about racism! This is not the time for YOU to be unpacking inequalities because honestly, we already know what the deal is! This is the time where you should be practicing self-care, looking for your dream job, and making yourself proud! I don't want anyone to feel defeated by this year even though it literally snatched the wig off of us but it HAD to be done! We are having more conversations now than we have ever experienced in our ENTIRE lives and that's amazing! But remember it's not our job to carry the weight of the world, it's the world's job to make the changes so that everyone can live a fair life! Change IS coming and we want to BE ready, not GETTING ready! 
I WILL NOT Let 2020 Dictate My Future Goals OR My LIFE!
I also think we should ALL do a mental check on ourselves ya know? Life is just sooooo up in the air right now and I feel like I can't move to the left or the right without shattering into one million pieces! But I have been doing a few things that have helped me enter a lighter headspace and I thought I might share them with you.
A Few Helpful Thoughts
  • First of all, turn that news off! ESPECIALLY THE WORLD NEW! Yall, I like to catch my local news in the morning and I turn it off! I swear if you consume that media all day then it will truly drive you insane! I think it's important to be in the know but I think it's unhealthy to constantly be plugged in the morning, noon and night! I swear it's never-ending torture and it's not worth it!
  • Unplug from social media! Yall, this one is soooo essential to your mental health that it's not even funny! The internet has people triggered right now and it's not beneficial to your life! My advice would be to use social media in small increments but DO NOT LET IT CONSUME YOU! Besides, it's time for the world to be inspired by people in real life and not by people hiding behind a screen but you didn't hear that from me!
  • Go outside, and see the world. Yall, I recently started to peep around outside and to my surprise, there are people out here living their lives and the world isn't on fire like the news like to portray! Oh trust me, I know that things are happening but I can assure you that the loch ness monster isn't going to swallow you whole just for grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting in the park!
  • Clean up! And I am not just talking about your house but I am also talking about your mind, body, and soul! It is sooo important to detox so that you won't carry too any burdens of the world. When this happens it because VERY easy to fall into a depression and We (hand clap) don't (hand clap) want (hand clap) that!!!
And those are just a few things that have been keeping me sane lately! I just wanted to post a little reminder that its OK to want to have a little peace in your life when you're feeling overwhelmed. It's ok to be angry but still have a wonderful day at the park with your friends. It's ok to cry all day and think about life! It's all ok! I just wanted to get out the permanently reminded that yeah 2020 MAY be tough BUT we have to push through. I truly believe in us! Anyways, that's enough rambling for the evening. I hope you guys wake up in the morning, say a little prayer, and still feel good about accomplishing a few of your own goals. Stay safe out there yall.... see ya around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin