August 06, 2020

Restyle My Life: Five Things, Getting My Life Together And Catching Up

Restyle My Life: Five Things, Getting My Life Together And Catching Up
Restyle My Life: Ten Things, Getting My Life Together And Catching Up
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! What's been going on? Hopefully a lot of good things! On my end, ya girl has been out here in these streets trying to get my life together! How come no one ever told me that there will ALWAYS be a season where you will have to readjust EVEN when things are already going well? I guess that's the type of tea that 2020 will continue to serve I guess! Anyways I decided I would hop on the blog and share a few thoughts! So grab some tea and get ready for your daily read!
Restyle My Life: Five Things, Getting My Life Together And Catching Up
Five Things
  • First things first, I am still finishing up Moesha and I swear so many things are nostalgic but like so many things make me so mad! Most of the episodes you can clearly see Moesha is not only spoiled but lowkey, not a good friend or family member! Like for instance, she was jealous when Kim became a cheerleader because she was soooo used to her friend being a follower. And were not even gonna get started about how her dad purchased her a car that was fully paid off, no insurance, and the gas tank filled! She dared to tell Frank " I don't want it, it's just not me"! Like...what? I'm STILL mad at that episode and it wasn't even real! Ha!
  • EVERY single day the weather has been hitting triple digits and I sweat marbles just walking to the mailbox! Weather, can you do me a favor and start transitioning over into Fall? Thanks, management.
  • Insomnia is still real! My schedule is sooo all over the place and I swear it hasn't been this bad since I was studying dance in Undergrad! Grant it, that field taught me allll I need to know about sleepless nights but I never knew it was gonna be like this! Ha! I am going to try and start forcing myself to go to bed earlier and wake up before 10:00am so that I can get a grip on the day because this is getting ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I don't get to sleep in very often but when I do, it makes me feel super groggy and I don't like that!
  • Have you guys been keeping up with your reading during these crazy times? I haven't been doing as good as I thought I was BUT it has definitely been better than before! Oh, also did you guys know that Nicholas Sparks is realizing a new book in September? Well, I did and I must say I am VERY excited to purchase it as soon as it hits the shelves. If you have been a long time reader around here then you already KNOW how I feel about those books! I just love it!
  • Why did I end up on early to mid-2000's youtube and spent most of the night listening to Drake and Lil Wayne! Ugh, why were those times soooo amazing. However, I did say I couldn't listen too long because some of them will have you sending those "hey big head, just checking on you" text and we don't want that! Or do we? Ha! #thegoodoledays
Anyways, that's all I wanted to hop on the blog and chat about today! Other than that, there hasn't been anything going on that spectacular! What have yall been up to, watching on Netflix or reading lately? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!  See ya around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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  1. I've been happily doing me and yes Moesha was a little bad in her day. Now that I watch re-runs I can see the madness. Yep good post!
    xo Tangie