About Sha'Carey Martin

About Sha'Carey Martin
Hi, I'm Sha' Carey, 29-year-old Outfit repeater sharing how I restyle my life & wardrobe with a mix of this and that! I have a B.A. in Dance Studies and am pretty much winging it, which is semi-normal for a creative person. I like life a bit on the southern side so boots, seafood, and sass-talk are kinda my thing. But most importantly I live for the happy moments and capturing my day to day moments. My life is multifaceted in many ways so here is a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is why I have a little "countryness" to my accent when I speak. I now reside in the great state of Texas where I love to spend time with family, eat seafood and of course dance. Since living here I have earned a B.A in Dance Studies, made some amazing friends and experienced a new life! I am currently trying to figure out what I want to do with my life post-undergrad and it has truly been an interesting journey but I am dedicated to figuring it all out and to see where life takes me! With that being said, here you can expect to see a mix of EVERYTHING and every day is guaranteed to be a surprise! I love to fill every moment of my life with happiness no matter what is going on! If you're into that kinda thing then stick around and enjoy this blog space!!

"Always Living and Forever Learning" which means "live to your highest potential and choose to embrace the learning curves of life, and watch your lessons learned become your greatest accomplishments". That's the motto behind this blog, my personal mantra and everything I do in life.

-Sha'Carey Martin

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