March 07, 2019

Quick OOTD: What I Wore To Go Bookstore Shopping This Weekend!

Quick OOTD: What I Wore To Go Bookstore Shopping This Weekend!
A Quick Outfit Of The Day From My Bookstore Shenanigans!
I went to the bookstore earlier this week to get a few books so you better believe that gave me the opportunity to pop on a quick outfit for the day! I love getting dressed up just like the next gal but I also love being comfortable as well! I don't know about you guys BUT when it comes to outfits, casual is key and I don't like to feel overdressed up when I am out and about in the city and today was no different!
Quick OOTD: What I Wore To Go Bookstore Shopping This Weekend!
I decided to wear a pair of overalls because they are the most comfortable pair of clothes that I own! When I was a kid, I would despise wearing them but now that I am older they are literally my go-to items at the moment! I love how they are baggy which makes them feel that much more comfortable to wear on a daily basis! I love how I can dress them up during the spring/winter and dress them down during the fall/summer months! These overalls are one of my favorite items in my closet because they make it look like I put a lot of thought into my outfit when In actuality I really didn't! I feel like every girl needs that one staple piece in their closet that goes with everything and for me, it is definitely my denim overalls! #MYFAVORITEPIECES
Quick OOTD: What I Wore To Go Bookstore Shopping This Weekend!
The next part of my outfit that I want to talk about is this lovely sweater! I have been wearing this knit sweater all winter long and I honestly can't get enough of it! I found this beauty on the clearance rack at JC Penney and I swear it has been a lifesaver. I have been able to style it with multiple pieces and it has helped me style most o my outfits this winter. Now normally I wouldn't wear white or anything creme colored but since is the year of stepping out of my style comfort zone I am very happy to say that I am now a fan of anything creme colored! I never realized how easy it goes with just about anything in my closet and now I can honestly say that I am a big fan of anything creme related!
Quick OOTD: What I Wore To Go Bookstore Shopping This Weekend!
And last but not least can we talk about these leopard shoes? I have shared these beauties over on the blog before but I am wearing them again to show you how versatile they really are! Not only are they super comfortable BUT they happen to be my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. I really love them because these leopard boots can make any outfit pop! I am soooo happy that my mama found them at the thrift store because I have had the hardest time finding a pair that were not only affordable but looked chic as well! I am a firm believer that shoes really make an outfit come together and if you have a great pair, then you also have a great outfit! That's my personal style motto and I am sticking to it! Ha! Anyways, that was just a quick look at the outfit that I wore this past weekend! I thought I'd pop it over on the blog to share a little Thursday style inspiration with you guys! But before you go I just want to know...what was your favorite piece in this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. I love your restyles...always on point and I see those leopard shoes are looking good with many outfits.

    xo tangie

    1. You know I love rewearing the same thing over and over! Ha!