March 12, 2020

Its Ok To Be Happy EVEN When Everyone Else Is NOT!

Its Ok To Be Happy EVEN When Everyone Else Is NOT!
It is Ok To Be Happy EVEN When Everyone Else Is NOT!
Hey yall! I have a little public service announcement! IT IS OK TO BE HAPPY EVEN WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS NOT! I know this may ruffle some feathers but *shrugs* oh well! There are sooo many things to be grateful for in this world right now that I don't even want to complain about even the smallest inconvenience at the moment! I can't even turn on the news without hearing all of the things that are going on in this world right now and I just don't want to sit in my calm little world and be unhappy about anything. I have water, food, clean air to breathe and most importantly, ACCESS to more than the basic necessities! So yes, I am going to count my blessings and thank the good Lord for every healthy day that I am blessed to see! I have learned that when you have this type of mentality you will most likely attract people and things that are on a positive wavelength! The most important thing in life is to make sure that you are constantly self-motivating even when no one around you is! I know it's hard because people go through things and yes it may naturally cause them to feel down but be leery of people that are ALWAYS on the down and outs, stressed, depressed, feeling like the earth is falling from orbit! That type of mentality doesn't get anything accomplished, and most importantly it doesn't celebrate with you when you have those simple wins in life! Happiness is not mandatory it is literally a choice, and option, a straight-up VIBE and you HAVE to make sure that you want it for it to manifest into your own personal life! That's why every day I wake up I always thank God for letting me see another day and I invest in myself to make sure that I am ready to spread positivity to others throughout the day!

I know some people may say "ain't nobody that happy" or "ain't nobody that positive" well guess what? There are people like this but you're not surrounded around them because you're probably not attracting those types of people. When I was a dance major there were people at my school whos parents weren't supportive of their career path BUT they would always say "I'm just happy to be here and dancing and that's all that matters"! I was always amazed to see them come to class, engaged and showing up to their performances with not a family member in the building and yet they still chose to be positive and happy about the situations they were in! And that's what it means to choose happiness....that's what it means to be positive!
Its Ok To Be Happy EVEN When Everyone Else Is NOT!
At the end of the day, I am not going to ask a person going through a divorce: what do you think about marriage? Because you know the answer I'm probably going to get? It's probably not going to be positive!

I'm not going to ask someone who gave up on dance school: Do you think I should major in dance?

I'm not going to ask someone who doesn't have a vision for themselves: What career path should I take?

I'm not going to ask anybody who's not in a great situation no type of advice because most of the time our circumstances determine how we react to other people's situations in life! For example, we all have that one friend who hates men UNTIL they get a man! Or they "don't shop a lot" until they get the funds to do so!! Ha! I cannot explain to you why life is like this but I am saying ALLLL of this just to point out that you better stay happy NO MATTER what people say or do because when things change, people change! You want to make your happiness is in constant rotation so that it doesn't leave every time the wind blows! It's about to be spring, the weather is beautiful and life is good yall, so let's celebrate life and BE HAPPPY!! See you around!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin