March 17, 2020

Needless To Say, 2020 Has Been WILD!

Needless To Say, 2020 Has Been WILD!
Needless To Say, 2020 has been WILD!
I have been sitting here most of the day watching the news and strolling the net and I am absolutely at a loss of words for what's happening in the world right now. Strangely enough, I am not too stressed out about things and I realize that that statement is a luxury in itself BUT I am only saying that because I have ABSOLUTELY decided to stay in the house until further notice! I noticed that people tend to be on the spectrum of "people are overacting" OR "people are not caring enough" and I am almost positive that we should all just follow state regulations for the time being! It's better safe than sorry right? Anyways, I probably won't chat too long on the blog today only because I want to log off of the internet for a little bit! I just wanted to do a small check in on this space until I can get the rest of my life together! I also want to say that if you are stressed, PLEASE try to hang in there and I believe in us! Unplug, relax and make wise decisions for yourself and your family! I'll be sure to pop onto the blog a few times a week (as usual) and of course, I have some content for my youtube channel if you need other mediums to take your mind off of everything that's going on right now! Other than that, I guess life is just a waiting game at the moment. So yeah, enough yapping for the evening, I'll see you guys around! Enjoy the evening and stay safe out here yall!

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin


  1. Yes, 2020 has been glad to be home. Glad you are staying positive:) Love this post Carey!

    xo Tangie

  2. As the meme goes "this wasn't what I put on my vision board". Only 3 months in and 2020 has completely showed out and I don't mean in a good way either. But you're right, to make this easier let's just all follow your state/city's regulations and try to remain positive about the whole situation.

    1. Girl, sammmmee! 2020 has snatched my wig and I dont even wear wigs! It's madness! All I can do is pray and wait this out! Stay safe out there!

  3. whew, chile. i feel like we need a "Happy New Year" do-over. 😂