February 29, 2020

Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!

New Urban Decay Honey Palette!
Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!
Hey guys and welcome to a brand new blog post! As you guys know, I LOVE makeup but I am also a creature of habit and very rarely introduce new products into my life! However, I recently purchased this new palette from Urban Decay and I am absolutely obsessed with it! Yall know I LOVE a good glow and I cannot wait to try this!!

If you have been watching me for any bit of time then you already know I am a "neutral" kinda gal when it comes to makeup! I don't wear any bright colors or anything that's too attention-grabbing because normally my outfits are pretty bright colored and I already KNOW that would just be an even crazier combination to have such loud colors on my face as well!
Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!
That's why as soon as I saw this lovely palette on a commercial I just KNEW I had to have it in my life! Never in my life have I seen a makeup palette that will be soo perfect for my brown skin and I am totally in love with It! There is not ONE shade in here that I wouldn't use which means I am going to get ALL of my money worth out of this makeup set! How amazing is that? My brown-skinned readers ALREADY know what I'm talking about when it comes to this previous statement! How many times have we purchased an ENTIRE palette just for that ONE brown or golden shade at the end? More times than we can count! That's why when I found out about this beauty I HAD to let you guys in on the plug! Ha!
Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!
I decided to get a few closeup shots so that you can see how amazing these colors are!! I don't even know which one is my favorite I just know that I absolutely love ALL OF THEM! Ha! However, I'm not gonna lie, Drip, Hive, Queen, HBIC, and Sting looks like they were all made just for me!
Just look at all of this goldeny, dewy goodness! I am so gonna be ready to glow this spring and summer!
Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!
Also, Golen, Honey, Amber, Keeper, and Swarm are gonna be hits this summer as well! Cant, you tell? As you can see you can't go wrong with ANY shade in this palette and I am HERE for it!
Spring Is Coming And I Want To Glow Like Honey!
Also, this little makeup palette also came with a cute little brush applicator and it also matches the aesthetic of the packaging and box as well!
Urban Decay Honey Palette!
I already did a little swatch test with this makeup brush and it works like a charm! We all know that makeup does NOT apply well without the right tools and I am soo glad that this came with the purchases or I would have to be on the hunt for brand new brushes and ain't nobody got time for that!
Urbdan Decay Honey Palette!
Here is just a light swatch of what some of the colors look like! I BARELY touched a few of them and they were already this pigmented! I cannot wait to start wearing these colors so that I can see what they are TRULY about! However, I honestly feel like they are going to be perfect for my skin!
Urban Decay Honey Palette!
PS: can we talk about this packaging? Ugh, sooo cute! Anyways, that's enough of me fangirling over this new makeup palette! Stay tuned for a few looks to come to the blog pretty soon! Well, that's all for now! See you guys around! 

Always Living and Forever Learning,
Sha'Carey Martin

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  1. I am so in love with this palette. The colors look good on your skin as well:)

    xo Tangie